Jingjiang the melt pump industry company specializing in the production of filter press is special pump without leakage、Suction pump turbine synchronization、Strong self-priming pump、Corrosion resistant mortar pump、Chemical pump without leakage、Heat pump、Stainless steel submerged pump、Stainless steel multistage pumps、No seal self-priming pump、Heat pump、Fluorine plastic pump、Screw pump、Chemical pipeline pump、Ammonium phosphate slurry pump、The forced circulation pump、Stainless steel chemical pumps, etc。



Jingjiang the change is a collection of scientific research design production and operation as one of the national medium enterprise,In the oil、Sinopec pack members of the factory。Cover an area of an area10Million square meters,Annual sales breakthrough8000Ten thousand yuan,Annual production capacity5000Sets。The main products can be divided into pumps、Wear resistant steel series、The valve class、Piping class and so on four big series,And around the four series,Each have advantages,Phased in,Formation characteristics,Bigger and stronger。Today the group has received advantage,Continue to pump、Wear resistant heat resistant casting products as the leading factor。The company designed and developed、Production and manufacturing、Sales and service process,Fully abide by itISO090001:2000Standards。Have a second measurement、Direct reading spectrum、The dynamic balancing machine、Fully automatic computer aided pump performance test equipment and various testing means。To ensure that each product can be efficient and reliable service for our customers。Products cover petrochemical company、The oil、Electric power、Coking、Iron and steel、Smelting、Pharmaceutical、Environmental protection and other industries。For many national key projects,And the south of sinopec group company、Shandong hengsheng company, shandong province, China、Anqing petrochemical、Hubei company established long-term friendly relations of cooperation,At the same time in baosteel group、Jinchang group、Sichuan pangang、Nanjing iron and steel group、Jinan、Doctors graduated chemical plant in Shanghai、Nanjing treasure group、LanLian、LanHua、Jiangxi copper corporation、Gansu jinchuan nonferrous metals company、Yunnan huize lead-zinc mine、Yangtze river pharmaceutical group、Shandong xinhua pharmaceutical, and other countries、Yangtze river pharmaceutical group、In medium-sized enterprises with good performance.......

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